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Doctor of Philosophy



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Ekin Pellegrini, PhD.


James A. Breaugh

Mark Tubbs

Cody Ding


The purpose of the current study was to examine the influence of negative mentoring, trust and protégé learning on mentor job stress. Surveys were submitted to protégés who identified mentors, who then received mentor-specific surveys. Matched data from mentor- protégé surveys were analyzed using structural equation modeling (SEM). Results support previous research regarding the importance of trust in mentoring relationships and suggest the significance of protégé-perceived personal learning on mentor stress. Further, results suggest that mentor and protégé experiences could be assessed with a single dyadic measure. Additionally, a new measurement instrument to assess mentoring stressors was developed through qualitative research to develop the construct of mentoring stress. To further expand the exploration of the mentor stress construct, mentors were tested through response to the developed measure. Results present psychometric support for the measure as a potential tool to examine mentor stress. Implications for future research and for practitioners managing formal mentoring programs are also presented.

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Psychology Commons