Document Type



Doctor of Education


Educational Practice

Date of Defense


Graduate Advisor

Miriam Jorge, Ph.D., College of Education


William C. Kyle, Jr., Ph.D., College of Education

Alina Slapac, Ed.D., College of Education


This dissertation discusses collaborative teaching and learning models of online courses. Four research questions guide the study: How do instructors design online courses to facilitate instruction using collaborative teaching and learning models? When instructors co-teach online, how do they utilize collaborative teaching and learning models? How do students build online learning communities from collaborative teaching and learning models? and How do instructors and students evaluate online collaborative teaching and learning models? We conducted a case study of an Ed.D. cohort of Chinese students in the College of Education of the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). We employed a qualitative approach to this study, using a sample of seven students and four instructors who participated in online courses that used collaborative approaches to learning and teaching. We collected data from three primary sources: interviews, questionnaires, and relevant documents. The data analysis and discussion focus on the perspectives of instructors and students on collaborative learning and teaching in online contexts and offer insights into improving the design and implementation of collaborative online education. Our findings revealed that collaborative approaches in online settings are relatively complex and can effectively support instructors and students in achieving teaching and learning goals. The findings provide support for the following arguments, that professional development for instructors, effective communication, varied strategies to increase classroom interaction, and clear roles and expectations are all factors that influence successful approaches to online teaching and learning. Finally, this study may be a valuable resource for instructors who intend to implement successful collaborative education in an online setting.