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Doctor of Philosophy


Education, Teaching-Learning Processes

Date of Defense


Graduate Advisor

Dr. Kim H. Song


Dr. Kim H. Song, Chairperson

Dr. Miriam Jorge

Dr. Sujin Kim

Dr. James Shuls


Guided online coaching for teachers of emergent bilinguals (EBLs) is a job-embedded professional development model established from the educational policies and practices described in the No Child Left Behind Act and Every Student Succeeds Act. Having effective teachers who ensure an equitable, creative, and linguistically and culturally relevant education for all EBLs is of paramount importance in the ever-changing demography of schools in the United States. The guided online coaching for teachers of EBLs offers a collaborative, facilitative, dialogic, and reflective coaching process for positively influencing teacher transformation, thus providing a creative language teaching pedagogy for EBLs. The purpose of this study was to understand and describe teachers’ transformation into creative and effective language teachers of EBLs through reflection and self-directed learning as well as coaches’ perception of the influence of the coaching process on those teachers’ professional growth during COVID-19. Two research questions guided this qualitative study: (1) How did 4 inservice teachers transform their teaching for EBLs when following the modified cyclic guided online coaching in a TESOL practicum course due to COVID 19? (2) How did 3 coaches perceive the influence of the guided online coaching model in terms of its transformation of the participating teachers? The participants in the qualitative case study included three coaches and four inservice teachers from racially, linguistically, culturally, and geographically diverse school settings in the Midwest. Among the data sources used were coach, peer, and instructor feedback and teacher reflections on two VoiceThread presentations from the three modified guided online coaching cycles (preparation, strategies, and reflection), the coaches’ semistructured interviews, and the teachers’ final paper for triangulating the data. Four themes emerged from the findings: Funds of Knowledge, EBL strategies, translanguaging, and evidence-based reflection. The results suggested cyclic guided online coaching for teachers of EBLs was a critical process for professional learning and transforming teachers’ creative and LCRC teaching.