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Doctor of Education


Educational Practice

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Dr. Thomasina F. Hassler


Dr. Robert Good

Dr. Cheryl Osby


This autoethnography shares our personal experiences and counter-narratives in the St. Louis busing program. Through our mission we expound on experiences and real-life situations as seen through our lens as a student and a mother in the St. Louis busing program. Critical race theory (CRT) was used as an essential framework allowing us to focus on the following four tenets: counter-stories, permanence of racism, whiteness as property, interest convergence. (Anderson, et al., 2017). Critical race theory (CRT) is the framework in social sciences that examines society and culture as it relates to categorization of race, law and power (Lynn & Dixson, 2013).

The purpose of our study was to take a closer look at the discriminatory practices and unfairness that took place in the St. Louis busing program. Our autoethnography has allowed for authenticity and truth as we tell our personal narratives as to why the St. Louis Busing program wasn’t all sunshine and roses.