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Doctor of Philosophy


Education, Teaching-Learning Processes

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E. Louis Lankford, PhD.


Karen Cummings

Patricia Kopetz

Theodore Tarkow


This study sought to determine the confidence levels and preparation of secondary art teachers in working with students who demonstrate high ability in the visual arts. This information is vital in order to inform the art education community regarding whether or not it does, why it should, and how it can best meet the needs of all students it serves. The study utilized a mixed methods approach. Quantitative data was collected to form a descriptive statistical base. This was necessary due to a paucity of research in the demographic particulars of secondary art teachers’ measured confidence and preparedness in working with students who have high abilities in the visual arts. Qualitative data, in the form of interviews and field notes was collected in order to add depth and breadth to the research regarding these teachers. The study found that the vast majority of surveyed secondary art educators felt generally confident in their ability to work with high ability visual artists, despite a marked deficit in preservice training and professional development.

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