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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Graduate Advisor

Vanessa Loyd


Roxanne Reid


Vanessa Loyd, PhD/DNP

Roxanne Reid, DNP, MSN-Ed

Kristen Massey, FNP-BC


Prediabetic Screening Tool in Primary Care

Problem: Diabetes mellitus is a chronic health condition that affects millions of individuals each year. In addition, it is known as the seventh leading cause of death. While guidelines recommend using evidence-based screening tools, many primary care practices do not implement them. Therefore, potentially resulting in delayed identification and implementation of primary and secondary prevention strategies.

Methods: This quality improvement (QI) pilot project utilized a descriptive, observational study design. The American Diabetes Association Risk Tool (ADART) was administered to a convenience sample of patients aged 18 to 44 years old without a previous diagnosis of prediabetes or diabetes mellitus, seeking care in a primary care setting. Data were collected from January – April 2023, including the number of patients seen daily, screenings administered, and the ADART scores identifying those at risk for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Also, data specifying the number of referrals the primary care provider offered for further diagnostics.

Results: The ADART was utilized to screen (N = 131) participants. Of those screened, 22% (n = 29) had an ADART score of five or greater, indicating they were at risk for prediabetes and diabetes mellitus. The primary care provider provided 100% (n = 29) further diagnostics.

Implications for Practice: Widespread utilization of the ADART in other primary care clinics can assist in identifying individuals at risk for prediabetes and diabetes mellitus. Providing earlier identification and intervention, such as further diagnostic testing.