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Doctor of Education


Education, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

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Dr. Thomasina Hassler


Dr. Robert Good


Dr. Shenita Mayes

Dr. Kenton Mershon


The qualitative case study exposed the permanence of racism beginning in the antebellum public schools of Nashville and continued in the current actions in the Tennessee legislature with the expulsion of two Black male legislators. Critical race theory is used as the main descriptor for the actions of White politicians and legislators in Tennessee who continue the oppressive treatment of Black people in the state of Tennessee.

White members of the Tennessee legislature have attempted to strategically continue white supremacy in their decision to display a depiction of one of the most deplorable, racists in the history of the state of Tennessee, Nathan Bedford Forrest. They also splintered the voting power of people of color by changing the voting districts in Nashville and Memphis in an attempt to eliminate adequate representation in the legislature.

Critical race theory can be used to establish equality for everyone in the United States. It is not indoctrination. Unfortunately, there is still a segment of Americans who prefer to disavow the truth about the history of the United States. We cannot move forward without the acknowledgment of the deplorable actions of the past. This is the reason racism continues. We are not in a post-racial time period. We have reverted back to a time period in which individuals believe it is acceptable to use disrespectful words and comments directed toward people who look different. This is how the permanence of racism works.