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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Susann Farberman, DNP


Jean Bachman, PhD

Dawn Garzon, PhD

Rick Yakimo, PhD

Shalini Paruthi, MD


Sleep problems, a major problem for children and their parents, are the most common complaint brought to pediatric clinicians (advanced practice nurses and other healthcare providers) attention but are often ignored and underdiagnosed in the pediatric population (Faruqui, Khubchandani, Price, Bolyard, & Reddy, 2011). “Sufficient amounts of good quality sleep are necessary for healthy development in childhood” (Bordeleau, Bernier, & Carrier, 2012, p. 254). Inadequate sleep in children has been linked to numerous adverse outcomes psychologically as well as physically (Owens, Jones, & Nash, 2011). The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), issued recommendations in 2002 stating screening for snoring, one of the many sleep problems of childhood, should become a fixed component during well child exams (Erichsen et al., 2012). The purpose of this project was to promote awareness of sleep problems for preschool children aged three to five years old, in a pediatric primary care office setting by: (a) implementing a sleep problem screening project, (b) determining the prevalence of sleep problems, and (c) evaluating the sleep problem screening process. A 52-question, lengthy screening was easily administered in a well-established and busy pediatric practice with little to no issues and a high level of cooperation from staff, clinicians, and parents/caregivers. The result of the screening revealed that more than half (63%) of children aged three to five years old had a positive score on the Children’s Sleep Habits Questionnaire (CSHQ) indicating potential sleep problems. The most prevalent sleep problems were resistance going to bed at bedtime, child taking longer than 20 minutes to fall asleep after going to bed, child awakening once during the night, more than once during the night, and child unable to return to sleep without help after waking.

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