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Doctor of Philosophy


Counselor Education

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Robert Rocco Cottone, Ph.D.


Wolfgang Althof

Holly Wagner

Adrian Blow


In 2007, Wilson, Grilo, and Vitousek made a call for researchers to increase the research for eating disorders, declaring that counselors are “well positioned to make important contributions to the study of eating disorders” including exploring and identifying the “mechanisms of therapeutic change” (p. 212). The purpose of this qualitative research study was to explore experiences of participants who were part of an experimental therapeutic theater project after receiving intensive treatment for an eating disorder and to examine how the project benefited their recovery process. The research question was, “In what ways can therapeutic theater support clients in their first year after discharge from intensive treatment for an eating disorder?” This research aimed to examine the potential benefits of therapeutic theater, as well as to answer Wilson et al.’s call for counselors to study factors associated with therapeutic change for persons in recovery from an eating disorder.

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