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Doctor of Philosophy


Psychology, Industrial and Organizational

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Mark Tubbs


Stephanie Merritt

John Meriac

Haim Mano


This study investigated the effects that several motivational interventions have on transition and reacquisition adaptability. Goal-setting, whether assigned or self-set, had no effect on either form of adaptability; however, the two goal-setting conditions differed from each other once goal commitment was taken into consideration. High commitment was negatively associated to transition adaptability for assigned goals, but positively related for self-set goals; this trend was marginally significant in reacquisition adaptability as well. Primed subconscious goals were found to have no effect on either form of adaptability. An implementation intention was found to negatively relate to transition adaptability and to have no effect on reacquisition adaptability. Additionally, sex was found to be related to both forms of adaptability in that women displayed greater transition adaptability, while men displayed greater reacquisition adaptability than women.

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