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Susann Farberman, DNP


Dr. Susann Farberman

Dr. Nancy Magnuson

Dr. Shelly Hanko

Dr. Tracey Kniess


The purpose of this project was to assess if advanced practice nurse practitioners perceived patient satisfaction of patients seen in Metropolitan Retail Clinics was improved after educational materials were given to explain when antibiotics work. I hypothesized that provider perception of patient satisfaction would decrease unnecessary prescribing of antibiotics after providing patient education? This project used questionnaires to collect data from control and intervention groups to demonstrate a gain in provider perception if patient satisfaction after education was given in the intervention group. The results of this project did not reveal to the primary investigator what was originally assumed, that provider perception of patient satisfaction would improve following patient education. A paired-samples t-test was explored among the intervention group as responses to the pre-test and post-test question were compared. These results, determined using criteria for significance of p < .05, compared initial mean of the pretest question to the posttest question of the intervention group. This test was found to be not statistically significant, t (54) = -1.590, p= .118, which indicates that while a change was present it cannot be interpreted that the intervention caused this change on pre and post questions at Time 1 (M=2.3091, SD=1.19989) at Time 2(M=2.7273, SD=.98985). This increase demonstrates promise for future research, which this project was unable to prove. If this project were repeated by the investigator, it would be recommended that a larger sample size be used, the project occur during cold and flu season, and that providers indicate whether there is a change in provider perception of patient satisfaction following the standard of care among the control group.

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