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Doctor of Philosophy


Education, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

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Matthew D. Davis, PhD


Beckwith, Lynn

Ingram, John

Turner, Gwen


Utilizing a critical race theory lens, this qualitative study employs a semi-structured interview and focus group interview design to explore the perspectives of individuals who interact with human resources structures, policies, or procedures in a formal or informal way in the context of an urban school district. To provide a foundational perspective, this study first reviews relevant literature related to human capital, teacher quality, and performance management. The overarching purpose of this research study is to explore ways that research participants perceive the effective management of human capital and ultimately, how the management of human capital impacts the educational experiences for children of color. Using a Critical Race Theory lens and grounded theory data analysis strategies, this research study synthesizes the participants’ expressed experiences and perspectives regarding human capital and how it is significant in the context of an urban school district. Finally, as it relates to the education of children of color and overall performance management of the individuals that serve children of color, this research outlines the possible implications and considerations that emerged from the findings. This research study’s findings indicate statutory requirements impact the effective management of human capital in the context of an urban school district, race and equity play a role in the implementation of an effective performance management system, and the quality of the classroom teacher is significant in predicting educational outcomes for children of color. Perhaps the most salient implication of this research is that it can inform the implementation of performance management systems that lead to increased student achievement for children of color.

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