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Doctor of Education


Teaching-Learning Processes

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Harold H. Harris, Ph.D.


Dr. Charles Granger

Dr. Cody Ding

Dr. James Chickos


Technology is finding an ever increasing role in university level courses. One area of particular interest is the use of online or computer based homework programs. This study investigated the potential impact of one of the leading commercial chemistry homework management systems on the performance of students in a first semester general chemistry course. Two groups of students were identified, one which used a basic homework program and one which used a Web-based, customizable, problem-grading application that was provided prompt feedback. The 2005 American Chemical Society First Semester General Chemistry Exam as the benchmark of understanding general chemistry. No statistically significant difference was found between the scores of the two groups. A statistically significant correlation between performance on the homework assignments and the final exam was noted, but seemed to disappear when analysis was particularized.

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