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Doctor of Education


Education, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

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Matthew D. Davis, PhD


Kimberely Allen

Charles Fazzaro

Carl Hoagland


This dissertation is an investigation of the perspectives of higher education administrators and staff who provide services that support the academic and social sustainability of African American first generation college students (FGCS). In this study the researcher operated in a dual capacity. The two roles the researcher served as are FGCS and staff member. The researcher is a first generation college student and provides programs and services for the FGCS student population. The participants were from two urban institutions that are in the same overarching academic system. This inquiry focused on administrators and staff sharing their perspectives in narrative form. The rich discussions unveiled experiences that might have an impact on policy and procedures in higher education. Although this data cannot be generalized it can be used as a tool to begin discussions about administrators and staff perceptions of programs and services provided for FGCS. The data in this study was analyzed through a critical race theory framework.

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