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Doctor of Education


Counselor Education

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Brian Hutchison, PhD


R. Rocco Cottone, Ph.D.

Lee Nelson, Ph.D.

Wolfgang Althof, Ph.D.


Abstract This is a study concerning the perception of consultation among school counselors, teachers, and mental health professional counselors (MHPCs) working collaboratively in the public school setting for the benefit of the academic and behavioral success of students. Although there are many consultation models and theoretical views (Brigman, Mullis, Webb, & White, 2005; Caplan, Caplan, & Erchul, 1995; Erchul & Conoley, 1991; Erford, 2011; Kampwirth, 2006), this study utilized the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) framework for consultation in schools. Although MHPCs are not considered school counselors by definition, and they are not compensated by school districts, they still serve as consultants with school counselors and teachers for the purpose of student success. This study explored the perception held by school counselors, teachers, and MHPCs regarding consultation conducted in the public schools. It also examined the perception of how the consultation process between these three professional groups affects students’ behavioral and academic success. This study utilized a qualitative design which used grounded theory methods of data analysis, collecting and analyzing data from interviews of school counselors, teachers, and MHPCs as they collaborate in the public schools. The participants included the MHPCs from one Midwestern agency and school counselors and teachers with whom the selected MHPCs had opportunity to interact in consultation in elementary and secondary schools.

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