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Doctor of Philosophy


Education, Teaching-Learning Processes

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Rebecca Rogers, PhD


Nancy Singer

Angela Kohnen

Virginia Navarro


This action research examines how digital literacies can be integrated into guided reading groups with struggling readers. It looks closely at the way a well-planned text set, both digital and print, can support struggling readers in their literacy learning. Using critical discourse analysis (CDA) and multimodal analysis, I analyzed observations, interviews, and documents to understand how struggling readers engaged with both digital and print texts, transliteracy skills, as well as with each other. Findings revealed that the support of a text set, both teacher and student driven, supported student engagement, comprehension, and development of transliteracy skills. With teacher support, students were able to move beyond the digital screen to engagement through discussion. Analysis showed that with time, modeling, and use of multiple texts, a sense of agency and identity was built within each struggling reader. An emerging model is presented to show the ways in which teachers can integrate digital literacies into guided reading and how over time students can build transliteracy skills that support critical thinking and deeper discussion.

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