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Teaching-Learning Processes

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Fred Willman, PhD


Lisa Dorner

James Richards

Joe Polman


The purpose of this research study was to investigate the usefulness of implementing a Comprehensive Musicianship (CMP)-Unit Study within a high school band rehearsal setting, using music technology as a supplementary tool. This quasi-experimental study examined three ability-based high school concert bands: the middle level concert band, (Symphonic Band), served as the experimental group. The bottom level concert band (Concert Band) and the top level concert band (Wind Ensemble) served as control groups. Data included student performance pretests and posttests of all three bands, daily field note observations of the CMP implementations with the experimental group, student journal entries, informal and formal interviews with the teacher implementing the CMP-Unit Study, and a post questionnaire given to the experimental group. The use of a paired sampled t test showed statistically significant results that indicated that the Symphonic Band members improved their individual musical performance, but not to a greater extent than the members of the Concert Band (control group). Results of the post questionnaire indicated the majority of Symphonic Band members enjoyed the CMP experience and believed that they increased their musical understanding through the learning of concepts related to the music rehearsed in class. An analysis of band director and student data revealed the following: (1) the band director maintained focus on student-centered learning, serving as a learning facilitator which led to increased musical understanding and provided new insights into music for the Symphonic Band members; (2) he continually reflected on the long-term and short-term goals, student journal entries, and student performance in class, related to his CMP strategies and delivery (self-evaluation), in which the band members were able to monitor and track music learning and progress through their journal entries (self-evaluation and reflection); (3) the band director showed how he implemented transfer effectively using his pleasant demeanor and his fluent conducting (communication). The Symphonic Band members improved their musical understanding and individual performance through the CMP Unit Study-Technology Approach.

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