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Doctor of Philosophy


Education, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

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Kathleen Haywood, PhD


Shawn Woodhouse

Gregory Holliday

Kathryn Northcut


This study examined the perceived outcomes of a national institute or internship program focused on leadership development at a postsecondary institution by conducting in-depth, qualitative interviews with participants who completed the program and supervisors who oversee these participants in the workplace. The program selected for study was the Administrative Leadership Development Program (ALDP) hosted by the University of Missouri. The perceived outcomes by both populations converged and were identified as Feeling Valued, Relationship Building, Self-Awareness, and Skill Development. The data indicated perceived outcomes by ALDP participants and participants? supervisors were positive in nature and observable differences in participant performance occurred. The perceived outcomes indicated that employees within the UM System who completed ALDP were more engaged, had an increased commitment to the University, had increased job satisfaction, and, according to participants? supervisors, had increased their overall performance. The data also indicated ALDP had a desirable impact on staff members? continued employment and commitment to the University of Missouri. The identified perceived outcomes were similar to those identified within industrial leadership development programs (Spletzer, 1999; Day, 2001; Huselid, 1998) and agreed with aspects of several models and theories on leadership development and employer-employee relationships (Berg, 2003; Bolman & Deal, 2003; Maslow, 1954; Pfeffer, 1998). This research adds to the literature and acts as a catalyst to identify the perceived outcomes of a 12-month leadership development program specific to non-academic administrative and midlevel staff within a postsecondary institution.

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