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Doctor of Philosophy



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Matthew D. Davis, PhD


Lynn Beckwith

Thomasina Hassler

Claude Weathersby


This study documents the narrative of a long term urban high school based program (1978-2012) for pregnant and parenting students, and how this school based program has developed a model of support using Title IX federal law guidelines to construct policies and procedures within multiple contexts. This study examined the policies and procedures, implementation, effectiveness, and outcomes of this school based teenage parent program through the lens of a social justice and culturally relevant theoretical framework. As a qualitative case study, this inquiry used content analysis of documents, and open and axial coding of semi-structured interviews with administrative stakeholders, to providing a holistic in-depth case study drawing on historical, demographic, narrative, and case study data. The goal was to understand and document the meaning, structure, and process of how this particular program has worked and endured, impacted its participants, and empowered pregnant and parenting students to complete high school and pursue their educational and personal goals.

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