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Doctor of Philosophy


Applied Mathematics

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Graduate Advisor

Qingtang Jiang


Qingtang Jiang

Haiyan Cai

Wenjie He

Yuefeng Wu


There are numerous methodologies for signal and image denoising. Wavelet, wavelet frame shrinkage, and nonlinear diffusion are effective ways for signal and image denoising. Also, multiwavelet transforms and multiple wavelet frame transforms have been used for signal and image denoising. Multiwavelets have important property that they can possess the orthogonality, short support, good performance at the boundaries, and symmetry simultaneously. The advantage of multiwavelet transform for signal and image denoising was illustrated by Bui et al. in 1998. They showed that the evaluation of thresholding on a multiwavelet basis has produced good results. Further, Strela et al. have showed that the decimated multiwavelet denoising provides superior results than decimated conventional (scalar) wavelet denoising. Mrazek, Weickert, and Steidl in 2003 examined the association between one-dimensional nonlinear diffusion and undecimated Haar wavelet shrinkage. They proved that nonlinear diffusion could be presented by using wavelet shrinkage. High-order nonlinear diffusion in terms of one-dimensional frame shrinkage and two-dimensional frame shrinkage were presented in 2012 by Jiang, and in 2013 by Dong, Jiang, and Shen, respectively. They obtained that the correspondence between both approaches leads to a different form of diffusion equation that mixes benefits from both approaches. The objective of this dissertation is to study the correspondence between one-dimensional multiwavelet shrinkage and high-order nonlinear diffusion, and to study high-order nonlinear diffusion in terms of one-dimensional multiple frame shrinkage also well. Further, this dissertation formulates nonlinear diffusion in terms of 2D multiwavelet shrinkage and 2D multiple wavelet frame shrinkage. From the experiment results, it can be inferred that nonlinear diffusion in terms of multiwavelet shrinkage/multiple frame shrinkage gives better results than a scalar case. On the whole, this dissertation expands nonlinear diffusion in terms of wavelet shrinkage and nonlinear diffusion in terms of frame shrinkage from the scalar wavelets and frames to the multiwavelets and multiple frames.