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Doctor of Education


Educational Practice

Date of Defense


Graduate Advisor

Dr. Gayle Wilkinson


Dr. Charles Granger

Dr. Keith Miller

Dr. Kim Song


University of Missouri-St. Louis

College of Education

Ed.D. Learning Community of Practice

Curriculum and Instruction

Exploring the Use of Technology to Support Literacy of Sixth Grade Students with Reading Disabilities

Jaime R. Ball-Inman


The degree to which the utilization of technology supports the academic achievement of sixth grade students with reading disabilities was examined using a quantitative research design. The data analysis involved the results from the Educational Technology Assessment Program to measure achievement. The Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading (STAR) provided 2015-2016 scores regarding academic accomplishment of middle school students with reading disabilities. The central research question was developed based on the current literature on the impact technology can have on student academic achievement (Grinager, 2006). Using a specially designed survey, the researcher examined the teachers’ understanding of educational technology and what technology was used to support learning in students with reading disabilities was determined. Along with the technology used by teachers, student reading scores, as well parent and student perception of technology use surveys were used to answer the research questions. In comparing data sources (STAR assessment and surveys), the degree to which technology supports student academic achievement was described.