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Doctor of Philosophy


Education, Teaching-Learning Processes

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Ralph Cordova


Ann Taylor

Jennifer Fisher

Jamie McKittrick


This practitioner-based research reports on the development and assessment of a transdisciplinary pedagogical model for the learning sciences. The theoretical underpinnings of Poetics of the [Selves] draw from three domains of knowledge: (1) mindfulness, (2) positive psychology, and (3) contemporary performance. The approach is designed to create positive self-transformation in participants as a result of engaging them in a sequence of activities that require different modes of reflection. The model was tested in two settings: a collaborative learning space, and a university classroom. The sample from the first workshop included individuals from the general public, and middle and high-school foreign language teachers comprised the second workshop. The data sources that underwent analysis included audio-visual documentation from each workshop. This qualitative study employed the principles and methods of Interactional Ethnography and critical discourse analysis to construct two telling cases of Poetics of the [Selves]. Analytic results from both workshops suggest that Poetics of the [Selves] has the potential to enhance self-awareness and increase positive affect toward others. Moreover, the results of the second workshop showed its potential value in foreign language classrooms as it promoted authentic content connections, built rapport, and reinforced knowledge by activating different modes of learning in participants.

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