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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Dr. Nancy Magnuson, DSN, CS, FNP-BC Chairperson


Dr. Nancy Magnuson, DSN, CS, FNP-BC Chairperson

Dr. Tonya Haynes, DNP, RN

Dr. April Schmidt, DNP, APRN, BC


Evidence-based protocols promote standardization of care and patient safety. The inclusion of major stakeholders is imperative to the success of implementation of a new protocol. The “Enhanced Recovery After Surgery” (ERAS) protocol was implemented at the Veterans Administration Medical Center – St. Louis prior to formal education of direct-care registered nurses (RNs), a major stakeholder group. Due to the lack of knowledge, the RNs who were expected to implement and adhere to the ERAS protocol were not prepared and displayed a lack of confidence. Subsequently, an educational training intervention was designed and executed with thirty-five RN participants. Prior to this training, a pre-test was administered followed by a post-test after the training. The data analysis reported a significant increase in knowledge of the correct ERAS protocol process among all the participants. An increase in confidence related to the correct implementation of the ERAS protocol was also shown among the participants. The outcome of this project implies that structured, program-specific training can impact the knowledge and perceived confidence of direct-care RNs to adhere to and correctly implement the ERAS protocol.

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