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Doctor of Nursing Practice



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Nancy Magnuson


Natalie Murphy

Brenda Pogue


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to assess the knowledge of nursing staff on a cardiology unit before and after the implementation of heart failure specific education. Methods: Forty staff nurses on a cardiology unit at a single institution were given The Nurses Knowledge of Heart Failure Education Principles Survey (NKHFEP), a validated tool to assess nursing knowledge of heart failure. A series of four educational sessions were given to the same forty nurses. They were then given the NKHFEP survey a second time to assess change in knowledge post educational intervention. Results: The mean of Pre-education (M = 16.77) was significantly lower than the mean of posteducation (M = 19.77). The result of the paired samples t-test was significant, t(39) = -19.75, p < .001, suggesting that the true difference in the means of pre- education and post-education was significantly different from zero. The results of the Wilcoxon signed rank test were significant, V = 0.00, z = -5.66, p < .001. Conclusions: Continuing education specific to heart failure increased nursing knowledge which can be utilized to increase patient education. Improved patient education can help the heart failure patient with self-care and increase health literacy, an aim for improved outcomes outlined by the ACC/AHA Heart Failure guidelines. This project can provide a pathway to ongoing inquiry in nursing knowledge and the importance of continuing education for both the nurse and the patient.

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