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Doctor of Education


Educational Practice

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Graduate Advisor

Laura Westhoff, Ph.D


Florian Sichling, Ph.D

Miriam Jorge, Ph.D

Brian Hutchison, Ph.D


This study seeks to explore the experience of a homeless documented immigrant family attempting to access school and community resources. Research has shown that due to disadvantages including but not limited to lack of economic mobility, employment access, lone parent families, and cultural background, some immigrant families may face challenges accessing services (Arnold, 2004). Difficulty accessing services then can inhibit adjustment and may lead to homelessness.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the issue of homelessness as experienced by immigrants within an urban community. A case study will highlight the experience of a homeless immigrant family, as defined by the McKinney Vento Act, with a child enrolled in the City of St. Louis, Missouri. Based on the results from this study, a better understanding of challenges that homeless immigrant families face while trying to access housing, social services, and educational services will be discussed. This study offers strategies on how various types of resources can be communicated within institutions or community networks that these populations are a part of. Understanding the perspective and becoming knowledgeable of effective resource access for this specific population will assist social workers, teachers and other professionals in the field of education.