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Doctor of Education


Educational Practice

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Graduate Advisor

Phyllis Balcerzak, Ph.D.


Timothy M. Makubuya, Ph.D.

Theresa G. Coble, Ph.D.


The purpose of this descriptive case study framed by African centered theory, is to advance the knowledge about the online African centered educational programming, Maji Shujaa Academy. The researcher is the Chief Executive Officer( CEO) and lead teacher/lead developer of online educational media for the Academy. Considerable private African-centered educators with enterprenueural spirit have advanced and created online African centered global educational programming for the students of Africa and African Diaspora population groups today. Yet the available literature is shallow with regard to the workings of online African centered educational programming. This study explores in which the online Academy makes use of technology enhanced programming within an African centered cultural and ideological context aimed at social/cultural transformation and reconstruction. The study aims to describe how African centered educational parental involvement, intergenerational community bridges, social capital, and the building of information capital, make use of web based social networking and social media in an African Centered platform. This social networking and media have been utilized to understand the ways in which the Maji Shajuaa Academy incorporates a dialectical and dialogical stance. Such stance will counteract Eurocentric cultural hegemony and facilitate self-determined, critical- creative examination, and discovery. All in all with a commitment towards cultural self reflection through an incorporation of personal experience of students, parents, and community in an online African centered Academy were included.