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Doctor of Education


Educational Practice

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Phyllis Balcerzak


Theresa Coble

Timothy Makubuya



Community leadership is vital in efforts that enable intergeneration freedom from welfare dependence. This dissertation contains the efforts of a community leader on the path to influence, impact and emancipate generations of inner-city families from welfare dependency. This dissertation evaluated the effectiveness of an intervention named 5E Swipe for Success created to aid able bodied recipients from the dependency on welfare to self- sufficiency. The 5E Swipe for Success(5ESFS) that was program helped seven participants become emancipated from the systemic oppression of welfare dependency. This outcome occurred through the development of a program that extended learning opportunities—and its effectiveness tested through program activities. Methods used in this study included a program survey that was completed by 130 participants. Initially a total of 130 participants were evaluated using the survey as a benchmark for entering the program. Only fifteen participants went through the 5ESFS training successfully. These 15 trained participants were then given another survey, the Training Assessment Survey(TAS) at the beginning and end of the training. The TAS highligted the five modules of the training. . The TAS was taken for the second time to test the improvement level of the trainees. Out of the 15 participants, eight did not finish the training and only seven finished. Finally, five of the 15 participants were chosen for another sample survey as a result of displaying the ideal outcomes of the training. The researcher observed the participants, but reported only relevant observations from their experience in training.

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