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Doctor of Business Administration


Business Administration

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Joseph Rottman


Dinesh Mirchandani

James Campbell


This research found strong evidence that leaders who use Servant Leadership Behaviors (SLBs) positively influence on-time delivery of committed work by scrum teams in a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). In organizations using a Scaled Agile Framework to manage large programs, Agile teams plan work called “stories” within an iteration, which can range from one to four weeks. The stories are ultimately intended to deliver functionality to the end-user and have enough information within them for business and technical people to understand the intent, develop, test, and demonstrate a vertical slice of system functionality.

Our research used Servant Leadership theory to uncover SLBs that positively influence the delivery of committed work by scrum teams in a Scaled Agile Framework. Using a qualitative case study research method, we collected data through semi-structured interviews with SAFe industry consultants who have an average of at least 18 years of industry consulting experience, are Scaled Agile Program Consultants (SPCs) certified, have helped organizational SAFe transformations, and have coached leaders to use Servant Leadership behaviors to facilitate the on-time delivery of user stories. We found “Values People” to be the most important SLB. The SLB “Provides Leadership” was found to be the least important Servant Leadership Behavior for SAFe Agile teams.