Rose Water, Snake Wine

Document Type



Master of Fine Arts


Creative Writing

Date of Defense


Graduate Advisor

Steven Schreiner, PhD


Steven Schreiner, Ph.D.

Drucilla Wall, Ph.D.

Shane Seely, M.F.A.


Rose Water, Snake Wine is a collection of poetry which investigates issues of intimacy, inheritance, and gender. In these poems the consciousness of the speaker seeks its place among in the ephemeral materials of contemporary life. They enact a struggle to find footing in memory of a rural past, as well as an attempt to comprehend the place of consciousness adrift within the mediated isolations of the digital age. The speaker of the poems struggles to attain balance between mind and body, past and present, the sensual real and tangled abstract. Rose water gestures toward the feminine and the lingering residue of religious efforts toward transcendence; snake wine represents a traditionally masculine virility, embodiment, loss of oneself in the intoxications of physicality.

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