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Christoph Schiessl

Final Abstract for URS Program

Due to the severe anti-Semitic beliefs expressed by the Nazi Regime both during and before World War II, the production of art was censored to fit the governments ideal perception of the regime. This caused forms of modern art and expressionism to be deemed dirty or unfit for Germans. The Nazis associated modern art with Judaism and destroyed both the art and the artists. Once the Nazis were removed from power, there was a surge in the creation of modern art. World War II and the defeat of the Nazis prompted a large expressionistic art movement throughout Germany. Through the exploration of the restraints and punishments of art from the end of World War II to the end of World War II, one can better understand the reasons behind the influx of modern art after 1945. Modern art influenced by the Nazi Regime dates to the early two thousands, and shows the rebellion of artists against the strict biddings of the Nazi leaders.

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