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Doctor of Business Administration


Business Administration

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Dr. Gerald Gao


Dr. Ekin Pellegrini

Dr. Brandon Ofem


Exploring the impact of specific pedagogical strategies in online accounting education on student learning outcomes is central to this research. This two-study dissertation focuses on the influence of course delivery methods on student performance and the mediating function of accounting efficacy. A diverse sample of accounting and business students was quantitatively analyzed to determine the relationship between course structure, classroom justice, students’ motivation and their accounting efficacy, applicability of learned material, and final grades. Even though certain teaching practices were advantageous, the combination of these practices did not always lead to improved student performance, according to the findings. Significant determinants of student learning outcomes were found to be course structure, classroom justice, and accounting efficacy, with accounting efficacy playing a pivotal mediating role on the impact of applicable learned material. The results of this research highlight the multifaceted character of accounting education and the significance of structured teaching methods centered on effectiveness and makes a substantial contribution to the academic discourse of accounting education by providing educators, institutions, and policymakers with crucial insights.

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