UMSL Graduate scholars are given the opportunity to highlight if their thesis or dissertation deals with cultural diversity issues or is culturally diverse. This is a collection of those self selected works.




ULEAD: The Effects of a Civics-Based Educational Program on Urban Youth, Aaron H. Willis


Under-Representation in Autism: An Examination of Educational Evaluation Practices for Black Students, Erika L. Ayanaw


“What I care bout dogs?” How the hegemony of the English language colonizes marginalized groups, Richard Eric Andrews


White and African American Elementary Aged Student Perspectives of School Climate and the Relationship to Academic Achievement, Jeremy Spoor and Rachel Turney


White and African American elementary aged student perspectives of school climate and the relationship to academic achievement, Rachel Turney


Women’s Sexual Initiation: The Impact of Gender Roles and Relationship Type, Sara Gonzalez-Rivas


A Better Life, Jessica L. Chou

Adaptive Preferences are not Irrational, Sarah Beach

A Dilemma for Non-descriptive Cognitivism, Ayoob Shahmoradi

Advertising, Hook Up, Public Radio, Yoga, Ryan William Krull


A Multilevel Examination of the Black Middle Class, Segregation, and Neighborhood Crime, Claire A. Greene

Another Black Speck, Raymond Cody Holmes

Another Part of the City and Other Writings, Davidson Gaynor Leontine


At Cross Purposes: Protrestant Missionaries Among the Osage Indians 1820-1837, Joshua Nathan Luparell

Characterization of New Species of Begomoviruses and Their Satellites, Infecting Eclipta prostrata and Rosa chinensis, Sandeep Manohar Khatri

Cluttered with Wandering Monsters, Raymond Scott Morgan

College is not Optional, Eric Alexander Primm

Considering Signaling Pathway Kinetics and Protein Flexibility in Designing Protein Kinase Inhibitors, Sneha G. Bairy

Dead Girls Don't Like Horses, Christy Callahan

Don't Be a Stranger, Sarah Ashley Bzdega-Welch


Eagles Circle the Drum, Mark Shaw


Effects of nest and nest site characteristics on Humboldt penguins’ breeding success at Punta San Juan, Peru: Implications for conservation, Alonso Joaquin Bussalleu


Enhancement of Antibiotics and Nucleic Acids by Novel Synthetic Compounds, Jason Lee Atkins


Epistemic Uniqueness, Permissiveness, and Peer Disagreement, Tung-Ying Wu


Frida's Daughter, Myrta Vida


Galapagos Mosquitoes as Avian Disease Vectors, Daniel Anthony Hartman


Hot Cheek On Cool Tile, Regina W. Popper

How I Picture Us, Gianna Sidonie Jacobson

Ink Traces, Adam Patric Hayward


Learning From Ferguson: African American Attitudes Towards Community Policing in Saint Louis, David Graham


Literary Pedagogies at UMSL: Combining Case Study with Personal Narrative, Elizabeth Miller

Luster, Evan Lawrence Ringle


Modesty as a Global Perspective, Nicholas Ryan Baima

Multivariate Analysis of Morphological and Anatomical Characters of Calophyllum L. (Calophyllaceae) in South America, Dilys Malvina Vela Díaz

Mystic Flu: poetry and short stories by Julia Gordon-Bramer, Julia Gordon-Bramer

One Finger on the Cold Window, Eggemeyer Denise Anna

Otherwise, Soft White Ash, Kelli Danielle Allen


Patterns of affiliation and agonism in a ringtailed lemur, , society: Tests of the socioecological model and other hypotheses, Gena Christine Sbeglia

Peel Yourself like Fruit, Emily Grise


Personals, Lindsay Marie Shadwell

Presently with Invitation, Jennifer R. Tappenden


Realist Nonideal Theory: The Intuition Critique, Reflective Equilibrium and the Role of Morality in Politics, Danny R. Underwood II

Respectable Young Man & Other Stories, Kenneth James Squires

Rose Water, Snake Wine, Amanda Lynn Wynn

Shooing the Euthyphro Gadfly in Theistic Ethics: Rethinking the “Arbitrary” Objection Presented to Theological Voluntarism, Daniel Ryan Weed

Shrimp, Jason Nicholas Vasser

Snakes, Thieves, and Liars, Ron Anthony Austin

Somebody Else in Kentucky, Leah Marie Holbrook

Some Place in Between, Julianne Ashton Bartlett

Steven Adams: Selected Stories, Steven Lee Adams